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SKU: NoiseFit Active Black

Track your Oxygen level

Your blood oxygen level says a lot about your health. Low oxygen level can indicate an underlining health concern. With blood oxygen monitor, track the oxygen absorbed by your body and make changes to keep it at optimum level.

24/7 Heart rate

Keep an eye on your heart. See your resting heart rates and get updates when it goes beyond the normal levels.

Stress monitor & Breathing modes

Stress levels off the charts? Find a moment of calm in your day with the guided breathing session.

Sleep monitor

Uninterrupted sleep has a lasting impact on your health. Know your deep and light sleep cycles along with wake time and make changes to improve it.

Female health tracking

Log in your menstrual details to follow your cycle and set reminders so you can take care of yourself better.

Live mindfully

The 14 sports modes with auto sports recognition let you train, track and see the progress made.


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